Saturday, 11 March 2023 21:17

Olena Atlasiuk has been selected to the EMS Young Academy

It is a pleasure to announce that Dr Olena Atlasiuk (Institute of Mathematics of CAS in Prague/Institute of Mathematics of NASU in Kyiv) has been selected to become a member of the inaugural cohort of the European Mathematical Society Young Academy (EMYA). The Institute of Mathematics of CAS nominated Dr Atlasiuk as an institutional member of the European Mathematical Society. EMYA Selection Committee has chosen Dr Atlasiuk out of nominees from most European countries, specializing in all branches of mathematics.

The first meeting of EMYA took place on March 6, 2023. At this meeting, the new members agreed on the founding principles and initial plans of EMYA to strengthen the role and perspective of the young generation of mathematicians in Europe.

Let us keep our fingers crossed for them to manage this difficult task, and let us congratulate Dr Atlasiuk on her success.